Bounty Hunter LONEGWP
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty

Product Details

The Bounty Hunter LONEGWP Lone Star Metal Detector with Pouch and Digger is a top-of-the-line professional metal detector offering high-end features indispensable for the serious metal detectorist. It is designed for every metal detecting application conceivable at a professional level.

This Metal Detector is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for easy handling and comfortable use. It helps in detecting coin-sized objects up to 8 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep. It has three modes of operation, Motion All-Metal Mode which detects all types of metal with discriminate control on low, Progressive Discrimination Mode eliminates iron and other unwanted metals with discriminate control on high, Auto-Notch Mode for automatic elimination of undesireable objects

LONEGWP Features:

  • Lone Star Metal Detector with Pouch and Digger
  • Detects Coin-Size Objects Up To 8" Deep and Larger Objects Up To 3 Feet
  • 8 Inch Interchangeable, Waterproof Search Coil
  • Three Operating Modes for Flexibility in Different Types of Hunting
  • All-metal, Discrimination and Auto-Notch Modes of Operation
  • Auto-Notch for Automatic Elimination of Undesireable Objects
  • Five Segment Digital Target Identification
  • Three Tone Audio Feedback
  • Sensitivity Control
  • Touch Pad Selection Along with Variable Discrimination Controls
  • .25 Inch Headphone Jack
  • Includes Pouch & Digger
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